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Larry Earnest – Wealth Builder


Larry Earnest has built a unique organization to meet the needs of investors from all walks of life and investment experience. Our approach to education and coaching is based on the belief that everyone has a starting point that is unique to them. Our training begins with defining and accepting the reality of what that starting point is. Then we define the desired reality.  There are several logical steps that must be taken in a logical order to get there.

Our training and investment services are delivered in a way that helps you build from one success upon another.  Your progress will be measureable in both your Financial growth and in your Peace of Mind knowing that your retirement is funded for the rest of your life.

Most people are narrowly define wealth and therefore are narrowly motivated by achieving it. We believe that we must develop our mindsets in order to align our money with our values and in order to be fully engaged with the process of wealth building.

In our experience we find that wealth building goals change over time. As our lives change our priorities change in proportion. What was once important may be replaced by new and greater priorities. Our program will provide the tools you need to always keep you money and priorities aligned with your values.

This unique program can help you with each stage of the wealth building process as long as you have a teachable attitude, work hard and willing to be accountable.



Dr. Earnest is a retired aerospace professional with over 40 years experience in Major Systems Development. He is a recognized systems engineering leader for his contributions on the B2 Stealth Bomber, F/A-18 Super Hornet, Global Hawk, several Unmanned Aircraft, Homeland Security Programs, and Space-based Systems.

Larry’s investment career has grown into a large portfolio of Long-term Passive investments which will fund his Foundation and provide an income for his family for generations to come.

His achievements have been recognized by many investor groups and has grown into the Earnest Investor Network.

He is the author of the Wealth Builder Playbook education program which is dedicated to helping individuals achieve greater levels of success with an emphasis on charitable giving.

Personal Note:

I believe there is a reason for us to be together at this moment and I'm grateful our paths have crossed.

My mission and purpose in life is to empower those who want to become a better version of themselves and in so doing change the lives of people within their sphere of influence. When we make this commitment we create positive change that ripples throughout the world in ways we may never see.

I understand that change is harder for some than for others. This is why the Wealth Builder training series includes several resources to help with understanding limiting beliefs that hold us back. A small commitment to accept who we are and our starting point will change everything.

Let me help you define where you are today and how you can get to the next level on your life's journey. Our training will help you fulfill your life's purpose and be a blessing to others.

I invite you to join our network of like-minded advocates.


Earnest Wealth Solutions

This company grew out of the need to separate personal investment activities from what was rapidly becoming a coaching business.

These offers are all critical elements of personal development and wealth generation I’ve used to create generational wealth.

All education programs and consumer products are marketed and administered by Caisson Marketing Group.

Current Products and services marketed through Caisson Marketing Group include:

The Wealth Builder Playbook: This educational series is our flagship educational product which ties together all of the wealth building strategies into a single course. No matter where your starting point is we can help you get to the next level.

Simple Interest Home Loan:  This service replaces your amortized home loan with a simple interest loan that will payoff your home in 5 to 7 years.  Schedule a free consultation call to see if you qualify. We offer a deep discount for this service but you must meet bank requirements.

0% Interest Credit Cards: We will help you improve your credit scores and get you between $50K and $250K in 0% interest credit cards. You can use this money to consolidate debt or finance your business.

Self Directed IRA: Not all retirement account managers are created equal. We provide a list of IRA and 401K Managers who provide world-class services at low prices. These providers will allow investments in real estate that outperform Annuities and other market-based investments. 

Real Estate Investor Training: World class real estate training is offered through my affiliation with Renatus. There are other good educators out there but Renatus is the most comprehensive for the money. This training includes membership in an investor group in your area so you can begin getting hands on experience.

Earnest Investor Network

The Earnest Investor Network LLC grew out of my frustration with my 401K that would convert over to an annuity. In retirement, I would draw the annuity down to zero and would have nothing left to pass on to my family let alone have anything left to fund causes that I care about. I decided to invest in appreciating assets that produced long term passive income.

By joining the investor network you will have access to several professional services who will help you invest in both short-term and long-term passive investments. You are not expected to be able to find and execute these investments on your own.  Earning double digit returns is something that requires professionals who can guide you through investment options that make sense for you.

Our network is composed of professionals who are looking to do deals with you. You will have hundreds of opportunities to invest as an individual or partner with trusted like-minded individuals.  You have the option to invest in secured notes within our trusted network or partner in fixing and flipping real estate. These investments earn double digit returns in one year or less.

You do not need to go out and find any of these investments.  These investments are already here waiting for you when you are ready.

This is a free private network and is available to those who have completed the basic Wealth Builder education. You do not need to be an accredited investor to join.

Fill out the contact information form below and schedule a free consultation for more details.

What originally started out as a self-directed IRA has grown into a network of like-minded investors who provide a host of in-network investment services for both short-term and long-term investing. The private investor network provides members with the following investor services

  • Buy and hold rental properties.
  • Partnering on short-term fixing and flip properties and new builds.
  • In network investment Funding through secured notes.
  • 401K and IRA management services

New professional services are always being added. There are several tax and legal services that you have access to as well as career coaching.

Everything you need to get from where you are today to where your dreams lead will be provided in a way that will make sense to you and will be easy to implement.

Investor Network: The investor network is available for those who have completed the basic Wealth Builder education. Students will be placed with investment opportunities that are suitable with your investment experience and goals. These investments are safe and  meet all SEC Guidelines.

Charitable organizations

 I hope you will join me in aligning your money with your values in a way that includes charitable giving. In doing so you become a blessing to others.

My charitable giving is administered through The Earnest Foundation and is changing lives around the world.

Your Wealth Builder education and Investor Network will walk you through the steps to set up your own charitable foundation.

The Investor network provides you with the legal expertise you need in order to be compliant with your states and federal guidelines for charitable entities.  You will learn the strategies for giving to charities and causes that matter to you for generations. 

Giving starts with the money you already have, even if it’s only $1 per month for each cause you care about.

Giving starts with the money you already have, even if it’s only $1 per month for each cause you care about.

We all have our reasons for why we give and to whom we give. The Earnest Foundation gives to several charitable organizations that have had a profound impact on my life. I think we can all agree that there is a sense of happiness and gratitude to the giver and the receiver.

The Wealth Builder Playbook provides a simple method for setting up your charitable giving which starts now, not when you have more money to give.  A small donation can always be scaled up when you become more prosperous. The important thing is to start today. Your small donation combined with thousands of other small donations will change lives in ways you can not imagine.

The Wealth Builder Playbook will help you identify what causes matter to you and show you how to fund them for generations.   Here are a few of the organizations that matter to me.

Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity partners with people in your community to help them build or improve a place they can call home.
Cross International We mobilize the global Church to transform the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ.
Nick’s Kids To work together in the spirit of faith and giving in our community. ​To promote and support children, family, teacher, and student causes. ​It's all about the kids!
Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital Your donation will help fund life saving research to find cures. Your donations also go to funding life saving operations for children who come from families that can not afford it.
Found Not Bound Rescuing people from slave trafficking around the world.
Eagles Wings Eagles’ Wings Inc. is a non-profit agency that provides day habilitation services for adults with developmental disabilities.
Samaritans Purse Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.
Wounded Warriors The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity geared toward helping veterans cope with the mental and physical ailments that developed during their service.
My House of Worship I encourage everyone to make charitable dentations to your house of worship. In doing so you are being a blessing to others who need your help.

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